Make Sense of All Your Business Data


We’re all data-driven business now. And for many organizations data is being created faster than it can be analyzed. The real winners are those that can extract insights from data to facilitate better decisions and business growth.

KW Works can help you to clean, manage and store your data, visualize it so it’s easy to understand, and automate data processes so they run efficiently and without error. This way, you find the insights that unlock performance.

With the right insight you can improve business performance and strengthen customer relationships. Our Business Intelligence services can help you make better business decisions and get the most value from your data.

Make data-driven business decisions

We know that the human brain processes pictures more clearly than vast quantities of numbers. This means that your business data in its raw format (i.e. in Excel) may not be the best way to convey important information to end users. Data visualization tools and dashboards are a quick way to provide meaningful insights, identify patterns and drive reliable data-driven decisions.

Data Visualization and Dashboards

Data visualization tools display data in a pictorial or graphical format, while dashboards bring these pictures and graphs together in a user-friendly format, exactly when and where insight is needed. Today’s dashboards go beyond pure data visualization to provide interactive solutions that enable users to easily cut data in different ways using features such as buttons or dropdowns. That’s why we ensure our user-centered design team are involved throughout your data visualization project.

How KW Works can help you

We provide an end-to-end Data Visualization and Dashboard service that achieves Business Intelligence. This means that we not only transform your data into meaningful insight, but we can also help prepare your data before you start analyzing. Because we are experts in database consultancy and development, we can ensure you input reliable and quality data into your dashboards. This may involve database consolidation or calculations in the back-end to reduce manual effort.

Our Data Visualization and Business Intelligence services can help you:

  • Recommend the best charts to see your data in a simple and clear way
  • Communicate and share insights with others tailored for the audience
  • Understand data quickly to make decisions and answer questions faster
  • Identify relationships to spot trends in your business, your customers and your markets
  • Export dashboard outputs for reporting and access when and where it is needed

As a Microsoft Partner, we recommend using SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) in Azure and Microsoft Power BI. Our data consultants work with you to advise the best approach for your dashboards based on your budget, number of users and the complexity of output required.