Make Your Systems Work Together


Do you use various applications in your business that depend on outside data in some way? Your company may have lots of independent systems that have been added over the years that don’t really “talk” to each other very well. You may also have many sources of data to process from suppliers, payment terminals or branch offices. In many cases, this data may need to be standardized so that it can be “read” easily by different systems. If this is your business pain, then we have the solution! Our system integration services are all about bringing many different systems and diverse data streams together to make them work seamlessly as one.

KW Works can help you get all this business critical information to exactly where people need it quickly. By making your systems to talk directly together we can help your company to become more efficient and less costly to run. So you can analyze data to produce reports, create visualizations and dashboards and deliver meaningful insights upon which to make decisions about products, customers, profitability and more.

How we can help integrate your data and systems

Every day we help our clients solve their system and data integration challenges. And we do it based on your budget and specific business needs. We work with you to understand:

  • The different types of data that needs to be pulled and pushed between systems
  • The technology behind the applications you need to connect
  • How people use and respond to existing systems
  • The format in which data is required (ie charts, graphs, tables)
  • The insight and analysis you hope to achieve from integrating applications

Once we’ve answered these questions, we recommend the best technology to integrate your applications cost-effectively and with minimal downtime for your business. We utilize tools such as APIs, Azure Integration, Microsoft BizTalk and Single Sign-On to achieve our clients’ goals.