Company History


Founder Kirk Williams started KW Works as a custom software development shop in 2010 offering his services to a variety of clients. It was during this time that he started working with United Home Services, a small Home Improvement company. KW Works collaborated with this client to develop the first version of uCloud Installer ERP, a tool designed to help Home Improvement companies run more efficiently and communicate directly with their vendors, contractors, and customers.

As KW Works’ reputation spread, it became increasingly clear that one person could no longer handle the workload. In 2011, the first software developer joined the team. Two years later, the team had grown to 18 developers, QA professionals, designers, and client managers.

KW Works is proud to continue supporting its clients through custom software development, data services, uCloud, or just talking through a difficult situation. KW Works is here to help.

Our Leadership Team

Kirk Williams – President

Kirk Williams has been programming since 1983 when he received a Commodore 64. He has always been fascinated by technology and it influences on our daily lives. He earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan and then worked for several years as a professional theater director in Europe and the US. He was awarded the prestigious Mellon Fellowship and went on to earn a PhD from Harvard University researching the impact of technology on society and culture. In 1998, he joined the faculty at Yale University as an Assistant Professor. After 8 years at Yale, Kirk was enticed to join the corporate world due to his work with digital simulations and artificial intelligence. After a brief stay at a large technology company, Kirk moved back to Michigan where he founded KW Works in 2010.

Ali Zaidi – CTO

Ali is an accomplished leader and a talented developer with an advanced degree in Computer Science. During his time in school, Ali’s focus on Artificial Intelligence gained him the attention of the local business community which led to his first professional position during his second year of college. Since that time, Ali has worked on a variety of projects spanning Mobile, Web, and the Cloud. His strong communication skills coupled with his technical background have consistently pushed him into leadership roles. Ali has worked in several industries writing code in C#, VB.NET, Java, Javascript, and Ruby.