Getting Your Project Back on Track

Your Project Didn’t Start Right. It Doesn’t Have to End That Way.

Projectssometimes don’t start very well. But that doesn’t mean they must end badly. Case in point: Super Bowl LI. Halftimescore: New England Patriots 3, Atlanta Falcons 21. For Boston residents and thehalf dozen or so Patriots fans outside of New England, the situation lookedgrim. But the Patriots under the crafty Bill Belichick understood the score asa midpoint, not the endpoint. The team used the halftime lull to reassess andrecalibrate. They came back out in the second half to pull off the greatestcomeback in Super Bowl history. They won the game in overtime, 34-28. Callus if your project resembles the Patriots at the end of the first half of SuperBowl 51. We’ll turn it around, get it back on track. We’ve done it manytimes for other clients. You might say it is one of our specialties. Themidpoint is not the endpoint.

pro-ject res-cue

/pɹɒdʒɛkt ɹɛskju/

noun : reviving software projects that seem dead in the water so that people can actually use them

Leo Tolstoy writes at thebeginning of Anna Karenina that “happy families are all alike, but sadfamilies are sad each in their own unique way.” Much the same can be said ofsoftware projects. When software projects go awry, they can do so for manyreasons: unclear scope or undefined vision, inadequate understanding of theproblem space, programmer skill deficiency, poor code quality, feeble userexperience, paucity of communication, lack of project ownership or leadership.The list goes on. Whatever the cause, we can help you right the ship. Give KWWorks a call if you need to correct a software project gone wrong or help witha software crisis.

How We Resuscitate Software Projects

We’ve seen a lot of software train wrecks. Clients who have come to us with a real mess on their hands. An incomplete or failing system. Software unfit for purpose. Original developers who have become irreparably estranged or disappeared entirely. Incomplete or missing source code. Ludicrously poor user experience. We have been able to help in all of these situations.

Our priority is to get things back on track and fast. Our experienced team is able to quickly investigate problems and determine the root causes. We’ll explain what has happened and present solution paths on how issues can be fixed. And then we’ll get to work promptly to correct the problem and get the project back to where it should be. So that you can get back to running your business.

Ways We Have Rescued Software Projects include:

  • Redefining project goals and creating detailed roadmap for next steps.
  • Redesigning inadequate system architecture.
  • Reconstituting lost source code from existing executables.
  • Rewriting poorly written code.
  • Rebuilding broken source code repositories so programmers can continue development.
  • Optimizing poorly performing databases.
  • Revitalizing old legacy systems written in obsolete programming languages, maintaining them and then updating them with new technology.
  • Fixing bugs.
  • Redesigning user interface to enhance user experience.
  • Documenting code.
  • Decoding binary files so clients can process previously lost data.