Avoiding or Recovering from Technology Ragnarok

Restoring Order to Your Systems so that People Can Achieve More

In Norse mythology, Ginnungagap indicated that bottomless abyss of absolute chaos into which the entire cosmos would collapse after Ragnarok, the “twilight of the Gods.” For some organizations, Ragnarok may already be here. Or at least it feels like it is for their technological systems. Systems are multiplying chaotically, data is growing exponentially, users are befuddled, management is frustrated. Bringing order to technological chaos becomes imperative. As Peter Drucker reminds us, “there is a point of complexity beyond which a business is no longer manageable.” If your organization feels like it is going through its own private Ragnarok, give KW Works a call. We can restore order to your technological systems and get your organization back to operating at peak efficiency.

Solutions We Offer

Determine the general health of your application to improve existing code reliability and scalability. We’ll carefully review your existing software codebase to discover weaknesses in architecture, design, security, performance, and code implementation. And then we’ll use these insights to suggest specific remedial steps to will make your application stronger, more secure, and easier to maintain.

Get your systems and applications to play nice with each other. We can get your systems talking and exchanging information and better optimize your technology investment. We can integrate your various technology frameworks so that they act as one, cohesive system. The sum becomes greater than the whole. Reduce training time, lower run costs, improve operational transparency.

Extend the useful life of your existing applications. We can update and build out your legacy applications so that they can continue to serve your organization for many years to come. We are specialists in maintaining legacy systems, even when they are built on technologies many decades old. We can modernize your codebase, insert additions, or completely rewrite it.

Leverage your past to better manage your current challenges and embrace future opportunities. Business intelligence (BI) and advanced data analytics can help you make better, more confident decisions based on facts rather than gut feeling. Analyze past performance, detect trends, uncover inefficiencies, and identify new opportunities.

Software development projects sometimes go awry. If your current project is in jeopardy let us help. We can salvage projects that are stuck mid-way in development or restart a dormant one. We can recover even seriously damaged ventures and bring things back in order quickly and at an affordable rate. We’ll get your software development and business back on track.

We’ve worked with many startups and developed numerous software products over the years, including SaaS and Cloud-based solutions. As an entrepreneurial organization supporting new ventures, we understand the challenges small companies face and we automatically apply discounts to our daily rates for new startups.

It has been said that a goal without a plan is just a wish. Embrace comprehensive analysis and project specification before putting fingers to keyboard. We’ll investigate, analyze and specify to make sure the project starts right and that your software development goals don’t fall prey to wishful thinking and land you seriously behind schedule and way over budget.