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KW Works has assisted organizations of all sizes conquer complex challenges by implementing digital technology solutions that help the people using them accomplish their tasks efficiently, elegantly, and humanely. We strive to create software applications the fulfill business requirements completely with intelligent designs that people love. Technology that becomes a part of life and not a distraction from it.

  • Online dynamic presentations in real-time.

    Web Presentation Tool | Audi USA

    Challenge: a global manufacturer wanted to introduce its large, heterogeneous workforce to its new product lines through a series of real-time, guided online presentations. Presentations were scheduled with attendees and documentation of content competency required. Users would be able to annotate materials and export entire presentations for offline review.

    Solution: we created a secure web application that allowed multiple hosts to load visual slide content and make presentations to a broad, global audience in real-time and on-demand. Full export functionality and user annotation capabilities.

    Scope: Web Development, Content Management, Interface Design, UX, Data Visualization, Web Sockets.

    • Digital training tool for all platforms and devices.

      Digital Event Guide | FCA

      Challenge: a large manufacturing company needed a training tool to supply information on new product offerings to their global workforce and evaluate training outcomes. Content updates were made daily, users had a variable level of technology comfort, and the tool was needed on all devices and platforms.

      Solution: We designed an application that allowed creation of digital chapters and content quizzes, enabled users to review information and test competency, and incorporated social media elements, gamification and leaderboards. Mobile apps for all platforms and devices and on the web.

      Scope: Web Development, Mobile Development, Content Management, Big Data, Interface Design, UX, Data Visualization.

      • Goal-tracking app for all platforms and devices.

        Goal-Tracking PaaP | Stre.me Strategy

        Challenge: a business consulting company needed technology to support their proprietary PaaP (process as product) to help new business ventures formulate strategy, focus effort, visualize progress, provide accountability, and maintain motivation. mobile apps for all platforms and devices and web admin portal.

        Solution: KW Works created an integrated software system to provide users with a complete system for simplifying strategic planning, goal setting, progress visualization and accountability to both self and external partners and social agents. All platforms and devices, web and mobile.

        Scope: Web Development, Mobile Development, Data Visualization, Content Management, Interface Design, API development, UX.

        • Data visualization and BI with KW Works.

          Data Visualization and AI | DataStat

          Challenge: a company responsible for collecting and processing substantial amounts of medical data needed a extremely secure, robust online tool capable of processing dynamically-collected data and presenting aggregate outcomes to multiple internal and external stakeholders in an highly intuitive and user-customizable web interface.

          Solution: we created a highly secure, cloud-based software system that performed significant data processing, validation, and verification according to a complex chain of business rules designed as an expert AI system. Visual display of analytics and outcomes to easily identify and grasp trends, patterns, and primary scenarios.

          Scope: Web Development, AI, BI, Big Data, Analytics, Data Visualization, UX.

          • Event planning and seating selection platform.

            Event Management | The Guest Table

            Challenge: an event-management company needed a robust, scalable, and secure web tool with accompanying mobile application that would allow planners to create a wide variety of events with dynamically-created floorplans and then allow attendees to select and update seat assignment, order from a defined list of meal selections, view registered guest lists.

            Solution: we created both a web portal and a mobile application for event planning, definition, scheduling, and registration. Planners could update and view event status, attendees could create, update and remove seat assignment and menu selection to communicate to planners in real-time on all platforms and devices.

            Scope: Web Development, Mobile Development, UX, Interface Design.

            • Online inventory and product catalog.

              Inventory and Website Redesign | ZCC

              Challenge: a global manufacturing company with a diverse array of specialized product lines needed to introduce and educate customers on new offerings as well as display its available inventory accompanied by detailed technical specifications. They also required a complete redesign of their existing website.

              Solution: we created a secure inventory management system with a sophisticated administrative side for easy inventory management as well as an intuitive customer-facing side for product lookup, availability status, purchasing, and full product technical specifications. We also provided a full website redesign and functional overhaul.

              Scope: Web Development, Web Design, Content Management.

              • Online reading tool and literacy motivator.

                Literacy Enabler | CLN Reads

                Challenge: The Children’s Literacy Network is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing all children an equal opportunity to develop a love of reading and books. They needed an interactive, web-based tool to engage and track students with the books they distribute both during the school year and over the summer.

                Solution: we created a platform to enable CLN staff, teachers, and students to interact on all things pertaining to reading and books. Students track reading and achieve rewards. Teachers offer encouragement and gain insight on performance. CLN staff distribute materials, track progress, and incentivize the achievement of milestones.

                Scope: Web Development, Gamification, Inventory Management.

                • Custom ERP and API development.

                  Custom ERP | Ultimate Installations

                  Challenge: A home improvement company acting as a service provider for a Fortune 500 company needed a complete back office solution to run all of their daily operations and interface with their larger parent through an extensive network of APIs as well as with the end consumer.

                  Solution: KW Works developed a complete, cloud-based ERP completely tailored to the specific industry vertical served by the client. The solution provides all traditional ERP business functionality, including inventory, scheduling, payroll, etc., along with the industry- and company-specific functionality required by their status as service provider for a big-box chain.

                  Scope: Web Development, Content Management, API Development, Big Data, UX

                  • Daily planner and task manager.

                    Daily Planner | Impera Diem

                    Challenge: a new start-up company founded to help busy professionals better manage their time, efforts and goals wanted to develop a mobile application that would allow users to input and track daily tasks, list and complete goals, and achieve life/work balance.

                    Solution: we collaborated closely with the client at project start to define the competitive space, identify business requirements and articulate software target functionality. We then developed all visual elements, created user interface and user experience components and finally a working prototype.

                    Scope: Competitor Analysis, Requirements Analysis, Software Specifications, Graphic Design, Wireframes, UX, Prototype.

                    • Flooring mobile app allows for paperless office.

                      Floor Install App | Floor Pro Network

                      Challenge: a company providing flooring installations for commercial and residential customers needed a mobile app to help their crews in the field. All customer, service and material data needed to be available to installers in real-time and crews needed the ability provide and receive electronic documents to customers.

                      Solution: we created a mobile application optimized for the iOS tablets used by the client that interfaced with other company systems to pull and push data synchronously as well as asynchronously for times when installers were without connectivity. The app enabled the viewing of all job materials and digital form management for a completely paperless experience.

                      Scope:  Mobile Development, API Development, Content Management.

                      • Mobile app to build and display estimates and quotes.

                        Quote Maker | United Home Services

                        Challenge: a client providing an in-home sales experience needed a mobile app to allow sales staff to gather customer information, display available products and pricing, build project quotes, and generate final estimates to the retail customer.

                        Solution: KW Works created a mobile app targeting both iOS and Android that was a complete quote-making solution, from gathering customer information, through product display and option discussion, to generating the final, finished estimate. The app was integrated into the client’s backend systems for real-time communication between field staff and home office. The app helped increase sales 40% within the first three months.

                        Scope:  Mobile Development, API Development, Content Management.

                        • Mogul game simulating the golden age of film creation.

                          Studio Mogul | PAC6 Games

                          Challenge: a game development company wanted to simulate the “mogul” experience of film production during the golden age of Hollywood. The game intended to re-create the studio system of the 1940s and 1950s, placing the user in the role of “studio boss” tasked with hiring directors, developing stars, and producing movies that succeed both critically and financially.

                          Solution: KW Works worked closely with the client to define the game entities, structure gameplay, and created the game engine that included a sophisticated AI system based on neural networks. We developed all visual elements, created the 2D user interface and gameplay, and developed a working MVP prototype.

                          Scope: Game Engine Development, Graphic Design, MVP Prototype.

                          • Proprietary social networking platform.

                            Social Networking Platform | E13 Vator

                            Challenge: a business development company wanted a proprietary networking platform they could use to place their clients into online, professional groups based on geographic area, expertise, and topics of interest and then be able to initiate regular online group sessions with interaction via video conferencing, community chat, and shared white boards.

                            Solution: we collaborated with the client at project start to define the competitive space, identify business requirements and articulate software target functionality. We developed all visual elements and user interface components.

                            Scope: Competitor and Requirements Analysis, Software Specifications, Graphic Design, UX.

                            • Interactive voting app.

                              Interactive Voting Platform | VoteUSA

                              Challenge: a group of entrepreneurs needed a secure, reliable mobile application that allowed a target audience to participate in an election or indicate their selections on multiple questions and have those choices recorded with an audit trail.

                              Solutions: we created a hybrid mobile application targeting both iOS and Android platforms that gave users a simple and effective way to register their choices on dynamic polls, elections, surveys, multiple-choice questions, rankings and ratings. Results appeared in real time to facilitate analysis and discussion. Voting events could be dynamically created with results verifiable and exported in a number of formats.

                              Scope: Mobile Development, Graphic Design, UX, Content Management.

                              • Loan repayment tool.

                                Loan Repayment Tool | Edcor

                                Challenge: a financial services company needed an online payment portal to enable customers and their employers to make payments on existing loans that originated in a wide network of lending institutions. A variety of users with varying comfort levels with online financial transactions was expected. An intuitive interface to build user confidence and comfort was deemed critical.

                                Solutions: we performed a deep dive on the primary interface components and the user experience, from user stories to extensive iterative wireframing and design comps with the goal of minimizing cognitive load to make it easy for users to find content and complete tasks.

                                Scope: User Stories, Wireframing, Graphic Design, UX, Usability Testing.

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