Improve Your Existing Codebase

Comprehensive Analysis with Remediation Roadmap

Let’s say you have questions about your existing application. It’s not doing everything you want it to do. Or it’s not working exactly the way you expect it to work, crashing mysteriously at times or running too slow. Or worse yet, you suspect it may not be quite as secure as it should be. Maybe it’s a brand-new application and you just aren’t sure that it is stable or performs all the tasks that you need it to. When in doubt, find out. Let KW Works perform an in-depth software code review to determine the real state of your application so that your questions will find answers.

code re-view

/koʊd ɹɪvjuː/

noun : a rigorous analysis of an existing codebase to make it better for people to use

In our code review we comprehensively examine your existing software codebase and rigorously study your application’s current functionality. Our reviews yield both piece of mind and a detailed action plan for code remediation. We’ll tell you about your application’s weaknesses as well as its strengths. We’ll identify any vulnerabilities in architecture, implementation, design and security. And then we’ll chart potential solution paths that will remedy any deficiencies and bring your application up to the state you want it to be.

4 Steps to our Software Review Process

We listen carefully to learn about identified issues and what you want the software to do.


We study and analyze your codebase, architecture and design.


We test your application’s functionality to make sure it is performing to spec.


We recommend specific actions steps for code remediation.


Code Review Checklist

Understand Software Objectives and Identified Issues

We listen carefully and learn about what you need the software to do and any identified issues as well as any concerns you may have. We’ll gather technical information about the application including the technologies and frameworks used, the computational and usage environment, and the list of main application features.

Code Analysis and Metrics, Architecture and UI Review

We will perform an in-depth review of the application architecture, analyze all key code components, probe the security framework, and carefully inspect the user interface. Our objective will be to discover and note any code problems, quality issues, security vulnerabilities, technical debt, structural inconsistencies, and any other code defects.

Functional- and Performance Testing

We will create and run a while battery of tests to determine and evaluate the stability, security, and resilience of the application source code. Through this rigorous process we can ferret out any process bottlenecks, performance issues, fail conditions, and other execution flaws.

Summary and Recommendations

The code review process culminates in a detailed document that you’ll receive at the end. This document summarizes all of the steps we took, the results of our investigations, observations of code quality, and recommendations for next steps. We’ll explain all of the specific issues we uncover, and we’ll offer one or more remediation paths for your consideration. When possible, we’ll also give you our best professional judgment of the scope of potential changes so that you can incorporate this knowledge into your technology planning.