Defining a Project on Paper Before Inscribing in Code

Knowing Where to Go Before Beginning the Journey

The old carpenter’s adage measure twice and cut once underscores the importance of thorough, precise planning prior to beginning work on a project. At KW Works we believe in this principle fervently. Before beginning any project, we recommend a deep understanding and articulation of its strategic goals and defining a roadmap for achieving them. For there is nothing so futile and inefficient as doing the wrong thing, even if it is done really, really well. A comprehensive analysis at the start ensures that software development fully meets your objectives and covers the complete problem space for all stakeholders.

requirements specification

/ɹɪkwʌɪəmənts spɛsɪfɪkatsi̯on/

noun : understanding where you are going before you begin your journey

How We Can Help Prepare for Development

KW Works can help your organization get ready for a software development project, whether we end up doing the actual implementation or not. We can perform a comprehensive requirements analysis and specification articulation, providing you with the detailed documentation you need to plan your project and secure stakeholder buy-in.

Analysis, Specification and Design Services

  • Software Requirements Specification Documentation (SRS)
  • System Requirements Specification Documentation (SyRS)
  • Full-Cycle Business Analysis
  • UX audits and User Surveys
  • User Profiles
  • Usability
  • Technical, Performance and Functional Specs
  • UML diagrams
  • Prototyping