Software Done Right to Help Organizations Grow


We work closely with our clients to understand their exact challenges and we find the best technology solution that fits their business objectives. Whatever system, process, functionality or user experience you need, we can build and support it for you. From engaging customers to optimizing processes, the apps we build just work, every time. KW Works provides a full range of software development services, including:

Custom Software Development

When it comes to the software that your business depends on, you want it to be the best it can be. That is why custom software can be such a huge asset to your company. Custom software built to your specific requirements enables you to create the exact system your business needs and solve problems that ‘off-the-shelf’ applications simply cannot achieve. KW Works offers custom software design and development services with a proven record of accomplishment. We work with organizations large and small looking to make an improvement in one or multiple areas of their business.


Web Application Development

Productive, dynamic, secure web applications with cross-browser compatibility and responsive design (to work on mobile, tablet and desktop) are our specialty. Applications developed on the web can enable your sales force to better manage pipelines, streamline mission critical business processes, and significantly increase staff productivity. Whether you are looking to improve workflows, enable internal collaboration, or enhance customer experience, web-based applications open up unlimited possibilities for businesses to run more efficiently and ultimately, more profitable.


Mobile App Development

KW Works can bring your app ideas to life. We have the design and development skills to build and deploy applications on all of the major mobile platforms and hardware manufacturers in use today. We specialize in native iOS, Android, and Windows Phone business applications. We also build cross-platform apps using Xamarin technology. Whatever your business objective, sales goal or commercial context, KW Works has the expertise to provide custom, comprehensive mobile solutions to enhance communication, efficiency and productivity.


Systems Integration

Many businesses use a complex jumble of technologies, through no fault of their own. As companies grow, processes are established and independent tools are created or purchased. This organic evolution often leads to disconnected, fragmented systems that do not “talk” to each other.  Systems integration is all about bringing diverse systems together and finding a way to make them work seamlessly as one. KW Works has extensive experience in multiple application integration scenarios. We can help you get the most out of your existing applications and data to make your business run more efficiently.


Business Intelligence

There are few more powerful tools than raw data when it comes to making business decisions. But data is not always very useful in its base form. It often requires significant analysis in order to be truly beneficial. That is why the business intelligence service we offer is so invaluable to our clients. We can help you harness the true power of your data regardless of how it is stored, and no matter its format. Our Business Intelligence Solutions will help you analyze your data, cut your costs, and identify key savings you never even knew about.


Responsive Websites And CMS

There is nothing more important than making a strong first impression with your target audience. You can achieve just that with a beautiful and engaging website that turns your visitors into customers who will return to your site time and time again. KW Works can help you create a stronger online presence to support a flourishing business. Our solutions utilize modern technologies with the highest standards of security and performance. Everything we create is built entirely to your requirements, runs quickly on all browsers and knows what device your customers are using.


Desktop Application Development

KW Works offers clients a full desktop application development lifecycle. This includes requirements gathering, design and development, quality assurance testing, deployment, and on-going maintenance. Whether you are looking to build a new desktop application or to upgrade an existing one, we can help. We have excellent experience in building desktop applications for various platforms, including native Windows applications (including .NET and WPF-based applications) or traditional JAVA based applications or apps specifically for the Mac OS.