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KW Works is a team of more than 20 professionals including software engineers, graphic designers, QA experts, business analysists and project managers. Approximately 68% of our staff are senior-level professionals, 27% are mid-level and 5% are junior-level. We are a seasoned team. On average our staff has 9.4 years of professional experience.

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KW Works began with a quest. Founder Kirk Williams has always had a fascination with how human beings interact with machines and a deep desire to make that relationship better. Most of his adult life has been devoted to this quest, as a practicing software engineer, as a university professor specializing in complex systems, as a technology executive for a Fortune 500 Company, and finally with the founding of KW Works in 2010. Every member of our team at KW Works has embarked upon the same quest. We are a tight, collaboratively team that fervently share a common vision of what technology should be in the 21st century.

KW Works Leadership

Kirk Williams – President

Kirk has been programming since 1983 when he received a Commodore 64. He has always been fascinated by technology and it influences on our daily lives. He earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan and then worked for several years as a professional theater director in Europe and the US. He was awarded the prestigious Mellon Fellowship and went on to earn a PhD from Harvard University researching the impact of technology on society and culture. In 1998, he joined the faculty at Yale University as an Assistant Professor. After 8 years at Yale, Kirk was enticed to join the corporate world due to his work with digital simulations and artificial intelligence. After a brief stay at a large technology company, Kirk moved back to Michigan where he founded KW Works in 2010

Ali Zaidi – Chief Technology Officer

Ali is an unapologetic computer nerd. Even though his affable demeanor, outgoing personality, and sharp dressing belie the stereotypes often associated with that term, he is. Ali has earned advanced degrees in Computer Science with a particular focus on Artificial Intelligence, Software Architecture and Complex Digital Systems. It was a shared fascination with human/machine interactions that first brought him to KW Works. He joined us as a developer in 2014, quickly rose to become a solution architect, and in 2017 he became our chief technology officer. Ali worked on a huge variety of web and mobile projects prior to joining KW Works. His duties with us involve him in every project we do, often as chief architecture. He is our team “whip”, responsible for enforcing the normative coding practices and strict quality controls that characterize our final work, as well as the consistently low defect rate that we expect from all of our programmers. When not writing code or talking about technology, Ali is a doting father and family man. He cherishes time spent with his wife and two young daughters, Inayah and Ayra, both of whom show outstanding promise as computer programmers even in their tender pre-school age. Technology brilliance appears to run in the Zaidi family, and we can’t wait for them to join us when they grow up.

Amy Diaz – Software Support and Product Manager

Amy relaxes by working with bees. She’s a beekeeper for fun, maintaining a commercial apiary of 50 hives. She doesn’t seem to mind getting stung on occasion. We can’t think of a better mindset for a support manager to have. For as anybody with help-desk experience can attest, doing technology support can at times be a little bit like sticking your hand into a beehive. Sometimes you get stung, but you persevere until the issue is resolved. Amy joined KW Works in 2018 as a dedicated resource to manage the critical stage of software support after Go-Live. In order to perform these duties, she will often will become involved in a project at the very beginning to better understand the project why, what, when and for whom. Amy came to KW Works with over 20 years’ experience managing projects, listening to client needs, implementing resolutions, and performing support at various stages in the project life-cycle. She has particularly deep experience in the home improvement industry and along with overseeing our support division Amy is the product manager for our SaaS product uCloud. When not handling bees or support issues, Amy has taken up a new hobby: harvesting maple syrup.