Make Your Technology Play as a Team

We’ll Get Your Systems and Applications Talking to Each Other

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all just get along? Sure! World peace may be beyond humanity’s grasp in the immediate future but getting your technology systems to play nice with each other is absolutely achievable for most organizations. At KW Works, we break down the barriers between disparate systems to get your data and your people working better together. So that human beings can spend less time fiddling with clumsy, confusing systems and more time achieving the tasks that move your organization forward.

sy-stem in-te-gra-tion

/sɪstəm ɪntɪɡreɪʃən/

noun : building bridges between different systems and applications so that people can use them as one

Businesses often need to overcome complex system integration challenges to truly harness the power of their technology investments. Barriers can exist within an organization’s own systems as well as with its external partners, suppliers, and customers. KW Works can help companies manage the complexity of system integration. We offer both advisory and implementation services to help companies better manage the interactions of their technological system and software applications.

Systems Integration Services

Our system integration services help clients understand and manage their toughest integration challenges across the technology lifecycle. We build and tailor applications to fit the needs of your business. From requirements to architecture, testing to deployment and beyond, we bring an integrated “whole company” perspective to every project.

Our System Integration Services include: 

  • Business Process Analysis
  • Requirements Gathering
  • Feasibility Study
  • Product and Vendor Selection
  • Solution Design
  • Program Integration and Management
  • Functionality and Testing
  • Solution Integration
  • Systems Development
  • Training
  • Support