Software Product Implementation for New Ventures

From Initial Design, Prototyping and MVP through Ongoing Support

“To be lucky at the beginning is everything” says Don Quixote, the greatest of entrepreneurs we find in Western literature. Strong beginnings are critical. Starting out right can make or break any venture, particularly one so daring and risky as Quixote’s knight errantry. Or an entrepreneur’s new business startup. Few tasks are as critical for a startup’s success as developing the right software application at the start. KW Works has a long history of working successfully with entrepreneurs to transform their ideas into code and bring new software products to market quickly and affordably.

soft-ware for start-ups

/sɔftwɛɹ fɔɹ stɑɹɾʌpz/

phrase : software developers working to help innovative people bring new ideas to life

KW Works practices a unique process that we call humanistic software development to help startups launch their new products. We seek to genuinely understand all the needs and requirements behind the idea and work closely, collaboratively and iteratively to realize your vision in code.

How We Can Help Your Startup or New Venture

KW Works can make any idea a reality for a startup company or small business, whether creating a new project from scratch or simply adding to your existing application. We understand how complicated it is to manage a new product development that will genuinely win people’s hearts. From initial design through ongoing support after product launch, we are here to help, mentor and support you.

KW Works develops custom software.

Create an MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

Minimize risk by targeting first a stripped-down, prototype version that proves your business model. Once your concept is validated with a working prototype, we can move on to complete feature development.

Web application development by KW Works

Update and Enhance Existing Codebase

You might already have started developing your product. We can leverage code you may already have. Perhaps it is a basic subset of functionality, or written quickly with limited skill, resources and technologies. We can turn it into a solid, reliable product.

KW Works offers mobile app development for all platforms and devices.

Cost Containment

Our process assures that you will receive fully functional software containing only the most important features at a fixed price. Pay by the feature, not by the hour. No surprises. You will know exactly how resources are spent.

Desktop application development by KW Works.

Full-Service Development

We offer complete, end-to-end software development services, including analytics, specifications, architecture, design, coding, testing, QA, deployment, and support.

KW Works creates beautiful, responsive websites.

Rapid and Agile Delivery

We can quickly and efficiently conceptualize, design, architect, build and deliver a finished application for speedy time to market.

KW Works creates beautiful, responsive websites.

Full IP (Intellectual Property) ownership

You, the customer, will always own the IP rights to the finished product as well as the actual codebase. You are not constrained by any pre-existing licensing contracts.