We Create Calm Technology

Software Application Development as Unique as Your Business.

KW Works is a custom software development company based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We create custom software solutions for web, mobile, desktop and embedded devices for businesses of all sizes. We collaborate with clients locally, nationally, and globally.

KW Works is known for its unique software development process and products based on the principles of calm technology. We have strong opinions about developing software and what the finished product should look like. We love to share our views, and we encourage anyone with an interest in humanistic software development to read more about our services, solutions, process, and capabilities.

Or better yet, get in touch with us and we’ll set up a proper conversation. We’d be delighted and honored to discuss your project specifics to see if we are a good match. So, let’s just talk. No cost. No pressure. No sales pitch. We hate that kind of stuff. We don’t expect to be everybody’s cup of tea, nor do we accept any and every project that comes our way. We believe in the sanctity of a good fit between developer and client. A good match is everything.

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