Using Your Head Instead of Your Gut

Getting the Right Information to the Right People at the Right Time

The IBM researcher Hans Peter Luhn coined the term Business Intelligence in the 1950s as “the ability to apprehend the interrelationships of presented facts in such a way as to guide action towards a desired goal.” We like this classic definition very much because it captures the essence of Business Intelligence, or BI, as a play between temporal modes. Successful BI is all about using the past to guide present and future actions. Successful BI is about taking a chaotic, surface mass of raw data and identifying the underlying order. Seeing the figure in the carpet to borrow a phrase from Henry James. Successful BI is technical alchemy that transforms base, abstract facts into actionable knowledge to benefit organizations and people.

busi-ness in-tel-li-gence

/ bɪznɪs ɪntɛlɪdʒəns/

noun : transforming past data into insights that people use to achieve present and future goals.

KW Works offers clients a combination of deep product expertise and extensive practical experience gained through multiple successful BI implementations. We possess the technical skill sets in popular frameworks such as Power BI, Pentaho, Hadoop, SQL Server Reporting Services, and MongoDB as well the business insights needed to meet diverse operational requirements. We can also help your organization develop its own, custom BI systems and capabilities. Whether you want to implement a new BI strategy or looking to upgrade an existing BI implementation, KW Works is ready to help.

Business Intelligence and Advanced Data Analytics

Our business intelligence and data analytics capabilities include:

  • Big Data to capture and develop insights and algorithms,
  • Data Analytics to understand and make use of data generated,
  • Cloud Architecture and Development to build scalable, robust data processing frameworks,
  • Data Visualization to create static and interactive representations of analyzed data.

Our approach to BI and Advanced Analytics is informed by these primary considerations:

KW Works develops custom software.

Discover the Right Data

Organizations can generate enormous amounts of data. Some of it is more relevant than others. We attempt to identify and then collect the right data for your organization.

Web application development by KW Works

Digest Data the Right Way

There are often many ways data can be interpreted, and the correct path is contingent upon the specific goals that an organization seeks to achieve. We’ll seek to understand those goals to deliver the correct solution.

KW Works offers mobile app development for all platforms and devices.

Expose Data to the Right People at Right Time

Different people in an organization may require different perspectives on the data, a different subset of the aggregate whole. We’ll get the right data to the right people in your organization at the right time.

Desktop application development by KW Works.

Present Data with Appropriate Visualizations

We strive to presenting the results of BI and Data Analytics in an intuitive, informative and effective visualization for the specific people who need to use it.

KW Works creates beautiful, responsive websites.

Drive Better Decision-Making

Drive better decision-making by creating confidence in decisions backed by past performance.

KW Works creates beautiful, responsive websites.

Predictive Models

Predict future outcomes by leveraging past data to create robust forecasts of future behaviors.