Fast, Reliable and Engaging Web Development

Using the Web to Power Your Business

Whether you need to streamline business processes, enhance internal collaboration, or boost customer engagement, web applications open new possibilities for mature businesses and startups alike to improve, expand and prosper. KW Works offers a complete range of web application development capabilities. From creating dynamic responsive websites and e-commerce portals for a strong online presence, to creating complex, web-based custom applications and boutique ERP that can run your entire backend office. Our web apps work beautifully on desktops, tablets and phones.

web app-li-ca-tion

/wɛb aplɪkeɪʃən/

noun : web-based software that human beings use to get stuff done

Using our unique humanistic software development process centered on actual human beings and based on principles of intellectual attunement and situational empathy, we’ll take careful measure of your intended web app users, their tasks, computing environments and end goals. We’ll then employ our time-tested, test-driven development process to produce the robust, scalable codebase your project demands. And finally, your finished project will be deployed on the infrastructure you determine to be ready for Go-Live, be that on your own organization’s hardware, a cloud implementation, or on our servers. And we’ll gather and incorporate feedback from users and stakeholders at every step in our iterative, collaborative process!

It’s All About Realizing Your Vision In Code

Customized web applications developed by KW Works

Customized Exactly

Tailor-made to your exact specifications to optimally serve your users, a custom web app can help resolve the specific pain points in your operations and achieve your targeted goals.

Beautiful web applications designed by KW Works

Designed Beautifully

A custom web app makes your company stand out from the crowd visually and experientially. It can provide a critical competitive advantage.

Robust web applications built by KW Works

Developed Robustly

Customized web development is highly scalable and can grow with your business. It can be integrated with your other systems and operate seamlessly with other software systems your business already uses.

Listen, Investigate, then Design Your Web App

Customized web development centers on creating the perfect harmony among beautiful design, user-friendly functionality, rigorous technological implementation and your precise business requirements.

While nobody knows your business as you do, we will try to get to know it as well as the people who keep it running every day. Our very first step is to understand your operations, workflows, customers, and competition. We can then best help you determine the most effective solution to your unique business challenges.

After we have determined together your project parameters and objectives, we then create a clickable, interactive prototype of your web application that bring your ideas to life and further development. In this initial design, we ensure that your application is intuitive, easy to use, and serves your users the way you desire it to. Creating a design prototype this early in the process means you’ll know exactly how the software will look and work, before we write a single line of code.

Development and Testing

Once we have gathered your application requirements and you have approved the design prototypes, our experienced development team gets to work coding your web development project. We’ll discuss in detail the variety of technological options for your project and provide you with a set of specific implementation recommendations.

KW Works has a ‘test-driven’ method of code development, meaning that software is tested for quality from the very beginning of the development cycle. Our engineering team tests the code thoroughly throughout the process and then again at the end to find any problems and eliminate any bugs. This process ensures that your software is of the highest quality and works properly as expected.