Software Written for Your Business


Are you looking for a team of expert software developers to build your application? Quickly and at an affordable price? Then give KW Works a shout! We specialize in business-critical software development and take on demanding projects that others don’t.

Our mission is to develop great custom software for web, mobile and desktop. We have many years of experience in software development, listening carefully to customers’ needs and translating them into reliable, high-quality code. We work fast, with precision, and within budget. We specialize in .NET, C/ C++/ C#, Java, Python, Ruby, PHP, JavaScript, and Swift/Objective C.


High-Quality, Affordable Software Development

We have the skills to bring your ideas to life at every stage of your software project. From requirements gathering to design, development and launch, our process ensures that every aspect of your project is completed on time and within budget.

All Platforms

Whatever system, process,functionality or user experience you need, we can build it for you on any platform. We develop for Web, Mobile, Desktop, or a combination of all three.

Affordable Pricing

On average we save our clients 60% on their custom software projects. We go to great lengths to properly understand the project scope and are upfront about all costs involved.

Project Rescue

Do you have an existing custom software project that is failing or stopped completely? Whatever the cause, KW Works can take over the code and put your software project back on track.

Great Software Starts with Good People

KW Works has been developing business-critical software solutions for many years. We pride ourselves on working authentically and intimately with our clients, listening closely to their requirements and translating them into high quality technical solutions that are easy to use, reliable, maintainable, and grow with the business.

We are committed to honest software development and our methods are based on full transparency. We follow through fully on our commitments and we are clear on timescales and deliverables. We know how to balance your budget with your objectives and we will be diligent in our effort to make things just right and long-lasting for your organization. We are more interested in your sustained business success than quick wins in software development.

Communication and Trust Are Key

We find that clear and honest communication is key to success in custom software development. We listen carefully at every stage of the project and we make absolutely sure that our development team really and truly understands what the software needs to do. We will be clear about what we are doing so that you are never in the dark during your software development project. We believe in complete honesty and transparency and you will have a whole team of people to call on at every level in the business.

Our approach to custom software development is based on discovery and collaboration. Our consultants will understand you and your strategies for growth in the present and in the long-term. We strive to build long-term relationships with our clients and work as their technology partners for several years in most cases. A high level of trust is central to our work together. It is the only way to genuinely get to the heart of business change. It takes gritty determination at times and a willingness to work with integrity even when it’s not the easy option.

An Educated Approach to Software Development

In working with KW Works, you will receive considered, competent advice and support, with the highest levels of technical expertise. Our approach to software development has been refined over many years of practical experience and consists of 5 key stages:


We will achieve a deep understanding of your project vision and what your business needs. We will be asking “why” a lot and we’ll listen very carefully. We expect to become deeply integrated with our clients’ businesses.


We will create the plans, wireframes and documents that nail down every relevant business process, sales journey, use case, and any other dependencies. This sets the stage for building quality software without surprises.


We will produce clean, optimized code that fulfills business objectives with clear communication at every stage. We use an Agile software development methodology that accounts for changes as the creative process unfolds. You can expect us to be rigorous, efficient, and attentive to the small details.


We will deploy the completed software to your community with the minimum amount of disruption and stress to your organization. We’ll make sure that your staff is trained and ready prior to the Go-Live and we’ll be standing by throughout the critical launch time.


We will maintain, refine, and optimize your software during the support phase. We’ll analyze performance, manage potential security threats, and provide updates and training assistance so that you can make the most out of your software investment.