Let’s Turn Your App Idea into Reality


We help businesses reach their potential in today’s mobile world. Our mobile team combines deep technical expertise, strong design sensibilities, extensive practical experience and abiding passion to create awesome mobile apps.

Save up to 60% developing iOS, Android, Windows Phone & Hybrid Mobile apps. Stress-free, agile developers. Fixed-cost. No surprises. KW Works specializes in integrating your mobile solution with your other digital assets, including websites, web applications, custom software, and legacy software systems.


Mobile Development Tailored for You

People already are using mobile devices more than desktops to access the internet. And the technology driving mobile computing is becoming more powerful each year. Now is a great time for your organization to invest in a mobile app. KW Works has everything in place to make your app a reality!

Why Mobile Development with KW Works?

With so many mobile app development companies out there, why have our clients chosen KW Works? Well, they each have a different answer, but a few important reasons keep repeating themselves.

Skilled Android, iOS and Hybrid Developers

Our team can build an app for you to target a specific operating system such as iOS, Android and Windows Phone. These “native” solutions take full advantage of platform capabilities, perform well, and provide a premium user experience. We can alternatively create cross-platform hybrid apps that work across all devices and reduce cost. Which platforms and framework is best? We’ll help you decide based on your app’s priorities and requirements.

Usability at the Heart of your Application

Experience tells us that ease-of-use is often the critical difference between a successful app and a marginal one. After all, what’s the point of a mobile application if it’s not clear, engaging and easy to use? That’s why we put the user’s experience first, making sure your intended audiences’ perspectives are always taken into account. Our process includes multiple forms of usability design, prototyping, evaluation and testing.

Detailed Analysis and Documentation

We start every project with extensive discussions to achieve a deep understanding of your app requirements. We’ll challenge, investigate and open up areas for further exploration. Our analysis yields a detailed roadmap at the start of the project to ensure that every feature is technically achievable, commercially reasonable and measured against your business goals.

Extensive Experience & Excellent Code Quality

Our team’s expertise is both broad and deep. We have no inexperienced or unprofessional developers. Our experts can deliver in all areas of mobile computing: quickly, efficiently and with the highest quality. We develop by measuring twice and cutting once. Every line of code is quality assured through structured design and stringent coding practices.

Unmatched Professionalism

We create apps that integrate into your business environment and ensure all the component parts work in harmony to deliver optimized, customercentric services. We are very good at solving even the most complex problems and avoiding pitfalls. Our lean and agile methodology delivers tailored, beautifully-designed and robust mobile applications quickly and efficiently.

Minimal Viable Product Design

KW Works offers a service to help identify app features that will provide the most value for the least cost. Developing a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) is an affordable way to test your target market and gain user feedback without having to commit extensive resources. Unlike a prototype, an MVP can be scaled up and evolve into the final platform. An MVP helps to minimize risk and reduce project cost.