We work with clients to provide outstanding software solutions that moves their businesses forward. Whether it’s mobile application development, systems integration, application support or custom software development projects, our success is built on great people, open and honest client relationships and secure and workable software solutions.
  • A provider of home installation services came to KW Works for help resolving two competing business problems: they needed to technologize their unique internal workflows while adhering to the strict process parameters established by their largest customer, a Fortune 500 company.
    Our solution was to develop the uCloud Installer ERP, a fully-integrated, Azure cloud-based enterprise resource platform highly optimized for the installation industry. The uCloud is now used by many home installation companies throughout the US.
    • uCloud Installer ERP
  • Several clients tasked KW Works with creating a ‘paperless’ process for their home installation teams serving residential customers in the field with a variety of programs.

    Our solution was to create the Show My Installs mobile app on iOS and Android. The app allows installation teams to view their scheduled jobs, manage daily tasks, view payment information, retrieve work orders and present paperwork for customers to review and sign. This app is now used by thousands of installers across the country to ‘go paperless’ and better serve their customers.

    • Show My Installs App
  • A client in the home installation service industry came to KW Works needing a mobile app to streamline the customer document pipeline and help them to go 'paperless'.

    Our solution was to build the Sign and Survey mobile app on iOS and Android. This app displays customer documents, collects digital signatures, and emails PDF copies of signed documents back to the customer. It also allows the customer the opportunity to fill out a confidential survey evaluating work quality and provides performance reporting for the contractor.

    • Sign and Survey
  • A client making in-home sales needed a mobile app to enable their sales staff to display product lines, gather measure data, and generate financial costing to potential customers in their residences.

    Our solution was to build the In-Home Sales Enable mobile app for iPhone and iPad. This app made it easy for sales reps to quickly and elegantly showcase products, engage audiences, share data, and measure and quote customer projects in the field. The impact was a 40% increase in sale conversions and a 65% acceleration in the sales cycles.

    • In-Home Sales Enabler
  • Virtually every modern business owner is inundated with data. In unprocessed form, there can be so much that it risks obfuscating rather than enlightening. A client struggling with this problem came to KW Works for help.
    We worked with the client to bring order into the data chaos, identifying and collecting the key metrics needed to make sound financial decisions, improve workflows, and influence behavior. We then employed a variety of data visualization techniques to display actionable business intelligence tailored to each stakeholders’ unique needs.
    • Data Visualization
  • It’s not enough to build software systems, they have to work day to day. Most of the systems we build are mission-critical and demand nearly perfect uptime. We do everything in our power to deliver tested, reliable code. But software runs on hardware and often has dependencies on external systems. These can occasionally fail. To meet this inevitable challenge, KW Works has developed its own set of proprietary tools to monitor key system metrics that enables us to intervene quickly in these cases and keep our clients’ systems running strong.
    • Server Monitoring Suite
  • Getting the right resource to the right place at the right time is critical in the service industry. A client asked us to optimize their various scheduling scenarios and improve their resource allocation.
    KW Works created a ‘smart’, web-based scheduling system to automatically filter resources to fit the appropriate customer and job based on multiple factors including location, expertise, and job requirements. This system halved scheduling errors, reduced scheduling time over 400%, and helped increase customer satisfaction by 20%.
    • Customer and Job Scheduler
  • Managing payroll is mission-critical to any business. And payment structures can be varied and complex. A client with several hundred employees, contractors, and commission sales staff asked us to create a custom payroll system for their unique employment relationships.
    We created a web-based system exactly tailored to their workflows. Secure, simple and easy to use. This boutique payroll system reduced weekly payroll preparation time from several days to several hours and saved the organization hundreds of hours monthly in staff time.
    • Boutique Payroll System
  • Incidents happen. The best-laid plans go awry. Normal workflows break down. A client came to KW Works with the need to report, track and resolve such cases within a very specific industry environment and adhering to strict external guidelines.
    The solution was the development of a flexible, web-based incident management system that allowed maximum flexibility within required company parameters. Users can log events, add supporting documents and other data, and track their resolution, with progress alerts for all stakeholders.
    • Resolve Issue Tracker
  • Managing inventory is a business necessity but can be challenging and time-consuming. Several clients tasked us to create a simple, easy-to-use inventory management system that would nonetheless satisfy robust requirements.
    KW Works created a solution that focused on the essentials: purchase order management, shipment tracking, inventory control, order processing, fulfillment, forecasting, and in-depth reporting. We wrapped it in an intuitive front-end design to make managing inventory easy and efficient. Numerous companies now use this system.
    • EZ Inventory