We work with clients to provide outstanding software solutions that moves their businesses forward. Whether it’s mobile application development, systems integration, application support or custom software development projects, our success is built on great people, open and honest client relationships and secure and workable software solutions.
  • A provider of home installation services came to KW Works for help resolving two competing business problems: they needed to technologize their unique internal workflows while adhering to the strict process parameters established by their largest customer, a Fortune 500 company.
    Our solution was to develop the uCloud Installer ERP, a fully-integrated, Azure cloud-based enterprise resource platform highly optimized for the installation industry. The uCloud is now used by many home installation companies throughout the US.
    • uCloud ERP
  • The modern business owner is inundated with data - so much data that it becomes almost useless. A client struggling with this problem came to KW Works for help. We worked with the client to identify the key metrics needed to make sound financial decisions, improve workflows, and influence behavior. Armed with these metrics, we employed data visualization techniques to create a dashboard tailored to our client’s unique needs.
    • Data Visualization
  • Sophisticated systems require multiple servers that are guaranteed to always be running as well as a suite of tools that monitor their health. KW Works built a suite of tools to monitor key server metrics as well as alert our technical staff when there may be a problem
    • Server Monitoring
  • Scheduling is a key component of the Home Installation industry. We built an application that allows our clients to schedule installation crews based not only on availability, but on expertise and certifications as well. The impact on our clients’ business was immediate and transforming. Within XXXX months of using the Scheduling application, our clients reported a dramatic decrease in scheduling errors as well as a significant increase in client satisfaction scores.
    • Scheduling
  • When your employees are paid by the job, experience level, and other factors, payroll can get complex quickly. KW Works created a tool for accurately calculating the payroll for a large company employing 100s of people.
    • Payroll Management and Reporting
  • Not all situations fit neatly inside the processes we hope they will. With this in mind, KW Works created an Issue Tracker designed to put projects in non-standard situations in front of managers with special authority. Once the situation is resolved, the project rejoins the normal workflow. This system ensures that special situations are handled quickly and efficiently without falling between the cracks.
    • Integrated Issue Tracker
  • Inventory Management is at the core of millions of businesses spread across multiple industries. It’s a basic necessity that can mean the difference between profitability and filing for bankruptcy. KW Works created a tool that accurately tracks what supplies you have available and where you can find them.
    • Inventory